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About the Project

The Lossenham Project is a community heritage and research project to investigate the archaeology, history, and landscape of Lossenham. It focuses on the lands of Lossenham Farm but will also include the wider setting of the farm, including all of Newenden, as well as the River Rother, Hexden Channel, Rother Levels, and neighbouring parishes.

The Project is financed by the Janus Foundation and involves various heritage organisations and community contacts, including the Carmelite Order. It is also looking to recruit volunteers from Newenden and the local area, and many have already signed up. If you would like to play a part, please contact us (see below).

There will be several sub-projects to investigate various aspects of Lossenham and its environment from prehistoric times to more recent. If you have any particular interest you would like the Project to cover, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


News and Newsletters

The Project publishes a monthly newsletter with progress updates. If you would like to be included on the mailing list, please make contact via the e-mail listed below.

You can also find a personal view from the trenches (at the archaeological excavations of St Mary's Priory) at Annie's Dig Diary.

Project Newsletter issue 28 (Mar 2023) - 2.2 MB PDF file
Project Newsletter issue 27 (Feb 2023) - 3.3 MB PDF file
Project Newsletter issue 26 (Jan 2023) - 1.9 MB PDF file
Project Newsletter issue 25 (Dec 2022) - 7.7 MB PDF file
Project Newsletter issue 24 (Nov 2022) - 3.2 MB PDF file
Project Newsletter issue 23 (Oct 2022) - 3.2 MB PDF file
Project Newsletter issue 22 (Sep 2022) - 7.3 MB PDF file
Project Newsletter issue 21 (Aug 2022) - 6.9 MB PDF file
Project Newsletter issue 20 (July 2022) - 5.2 MB PDF file
Project Newsletter issue 19 (June 2022) - 4.7 MB PDF file
Project Newsletter issue 18 (May 2022) - 4.7 MB PDF file
Project Newsletter issue 17 (Apr 2022) - 4.6 MB PDF file
Project Newsletter issue 16 (Mar 2022) - 3.5 MB PDF file
Project Newsletter issue 15 (Feb 2022) - 6.2 MB PDF file
Project Newsletter issue 14 (Jan 2022) - 6.9 MB PDF file

Archive of older and print version newsletters

Invitation for HAARG symposium, 7 May at Fairlight Village Hall. 115 kB PDF file.

Exercise opportunities at Lossenham farm for Newenden residents

Tennis and Netball at Lossenham Farm
Tennis Court - there are also 2 Netball hoops and disinfected balls as a solo alternative to tennis. If a resident would like to use the tennis court please contact Jason on: 07940 270679.

30 Aug - Withdrawal of Permissive Access at Lossenham
The farm gates at Lossenham have been deliberately left open to allow the sheep to get on to the road and into the fields. This has happened over a dozen times in the last few weeks causing serious problems and putting the lives and welfare of the sheep at risk. There have been up to 5 gates wedged open on a single day, this is not an error but studied malice and it needs to be stopped before it causes death and injury.
If anyone knows who is doing this, please call the Police.
Permissive Access will be reinstated for local residents once new security and access measures have been put into place.



Thank you for visiting our website. If you would like more information, or would like to volunteer to help with historical or archaeological research, or in any other way please contact us by e-mail info@lossenham.org.uk.

Here is a map of Lossenham and the surrounding area (opens in new tab).

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